Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Off we go....

Well, it's official. We're moving to Altus, Oklahoma in July. Now, the first things most military spouses think of when they think of Altus are sweltering heat, bugs (including huge hairy tarantulas), mold, and having to drive 40 miles to see any semblance of a city. Altus, where tornadoes come through often and the power has gone out every single time we've been there. Altus, with its lack of LifeCenter-type churches. And mountains. And evergreens. And winter wonderlands. Sigh. Spokane feels like an Eden compared to Altus. And saying goodbye. Oh, how I wish that weren't a regular part of this life. But wait, haven't I always felt this at moving time? And hasn't God always taken care of us?
~Pulling myself together~.
Okay. It feels good to get that out, but I'm really trying hard not to dwell on it. I signed up for this life and I've gotta make the best of it for me, my children and our family! The plusses:
-More family time. The possibility of J not having to deploy at all, being home during holidays with time off.
-Old friends! Jenn Miller from Scott and Becca Watkins from Fairchild will both be moving there around the same time as me! Plus Altus is the hub for training for 2 AF jets-that means lots 'o friends coming through for weeks at a time! Maybe our house can be a place for them to be refreshed and hang out!
-WAYYY closer to family! A few hours drive to see my parents, sibs, and J's sibs as compared to a minimum 2 days drive now.
-New friends! From what we've heard, the military families stationed at Altus are a very close community-everyone's there with nothing to do, so they get together and have fun!
-The possibility of owning again. We don't know where we'll live. But we are playing with the idea of buying a house and fixing it up. This sounds really fun to both of us.
-The opportunity to live out our faith that God has a plan for us.
-Meers burgers.
-A longer growing season-maybe we can have a little veggie garden!
-Possibly more opportunities/time (shift in priorities) to make crafts or start the quilting project I've been dreaming of.
-A fresh start. I love getting rid of junk that I've been holding on to. This usually happens around moving time and leads to a more peaceful, organized life.


Karin said...

So bitter-sweet, Adri. I admire the way you military wives are able to replant and start up a new life. It must be hard. I can imagine, though, that there's excitement at the possibilities in the future. Enjoy your last months in Spokane!:)

natalieshaub said...

Just found your blog while I was browsing my blog stats. Forgot you had one!
I cannot believe you are moving here. Honestly I think you are going to love it! I'm a little sad, because we will most likely be on our way out by then (after 3 1/2+) years. I have really liked living here. You are going to love the people... You have to join the women's bible study on Tuesday's a the Baptist Church. It is awesome!
And then best thing about it... is your husband is home. Ben hasn't deployed since we got here... I know now pilots are expected at least one deployment out of here, but that will be a piece of cake for you.
We still don't know where we are going as of yet...
Hope our paths cross before we leave.

Angie said...

Wow! I just came across this while looking for your email. I am in awe of how God weaves our lives together. About the time you wrote this I was saying goodbye to J for COT. I was having very similar feelings about moving here. I love hindsight because it helps to give better perspective on the future. :)