Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Autumn Time!

When we got here we were happy to find an apple tree in our new backyard, loaded with apples! The tree hasn't been cared for in a while, it is overgrown and the tons of apples are really wormy.(By the way Mom & Dad, thanks for the awesome pruning job when you were here). The apples are perfect for applesauce! It took awhile to get them peeled, cored, and de-wormed (mmmm protein!) but we have our first batch of warm, chunky, low sugar homemade applesauce! Here is Quality Control checking it out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another advantage of having "Grandma" around...

...we get pictures we don't usually get-pictures of ourselves! I'm happy to be getting more pregnant pictures this time around. I didn't get enough when I was pregnant with E. 

Highlights from Grandma & Grandpa's visit

My parents and grandma-"Grandma", "Grandpa" and "Nanma" just left from a week-long visit. I'm so thankful that they're able to visit and have a relationship with Elena. I grew up really close to my grandparents and I think it's really important for our children to know their grandparents. It always makes me sad when I hear people say that they didn't really know their grandparents, or that they saw them once every couple of years for the holidays. Anyway, my heart melted as I watched Grandpa giving horsey rides and reading to her in Spanish, Grandma playing games and being so patient and encouraging, and Nanma and Elena snuggling together on the couch, reading. It was so cute when E would wake up and tell them "good morning!" and they would give her big hugs and kisses. 

While they were here we visited a farm and pick
ed pumpkins! Elena insisted on "carrying" her pumpkin.

We visited Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane and enjoyed the huge red wagon, carousel, ducks, view of Spokane Falls and the river and walked around the downtown mall.

E's #2

We had so much fun-this was the first birthday that E actually knew (sort of) what was going on. We did presents and family celebration on her actual birthday and had a little party a week later when Grandma, Grandpa & Nanma came to visit. Some little friends came for it and fun was had by all! Several weeks earlier E and Mommy decided that a Clifford cake would be just the thing, and she loved it! She got so many fun presents but I think her favorite thing was blowing out the candles (Daddy helped a little). We got some great pictures!