Sunday, November 23, 2008

35 weeks-35 days to go

Elena recently wanted to have a baby in her tummy, too!
I just realized that if this baby is born the same time in the pregnancy as E was, we have 18 days left. Wow! I'm not ready! Mind you, I think this baby will wait (or perhaps go past) her due date, and I'm telling myself January so I won't be disappointed if her due date comes and goes without a baby. Due dates are overrated. :) But boy, do we have a lot of work to do! I need to wash the baby clothes and blankets, clean the car seat and pack 'n play, and get Jared to install the "tiny baby carseat" base in the car, etc. etc. etc. The nesting instinct has been strong the last couple of weeks and last weekend we got our girls' room painted a nice, creamy, glowing yellow (as opposed to the "masking tape" yellow of base housing that covers all our other walls). I got the crib and bed skirts on their beds, a new duvet cover made for E's bed, and I bought some art supplies to make some wall hangings for their room. I'm hoping I get everything done before labor starts, but I'm trying to prioritize everything in case I don't. I can just see myself working between contractions, trying to finish up so I'll be "done". Wait a minute....oh yeah, that's right, a mother's work is never done! Good job security!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our first Halloween

We decided to take E out trick-or-treating this year. Since we live on base, we stayed in our neighborhood which was perfect. Lots of people came on base and it was crowded. I felt good about the police walking around the neighborhood. We even got to see a fire engine and meet the firemen! That was a big hit. Most of our neighbors were out visiting and giving out candy. We were given a ladybug costume about a year and a half ago and I've been saving it ever since, it was sooooo cute! E loved her "dots" (freckles) and Mama had a blast dressing her up the night before for the toddler's Halloween party at the base library. She loved seeing all the other kids in their costumes. It was a fun night we got to spend together! One bummer: someone stole a pumpkin off our front porch on Halloween night. WHO would do that???? I was pretty upset. Oh well, the other one is now pumpkin pie in the freezer, and we had plenty. 

The fire engine was a favorite. E loves them!
Cruising the neighborhood before it got dark
In our front yard waiting for 6 o'clock to come
What an adorable "aadybug"
The next day she wanted "more dots Mommy"