Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grocery Update #3

Thursday is my usual grocery shopping/errand day. Today was no different. I usually scan the local sales fliers and plan which (if any) stores I'll be visiting for the week before I go. The Commissary is the one store I always shop. We are so blessed to get to shop there!
-On Tuesday I made a trip to the Com-izzle for milk and popcorn seeds-$6.07
-Fred Meyer today for .68/lb apples and .33 cans of tuna-$5.75
-Commissary today for the rest of the groceries-$18.35

Which brings us to a total so far of $100.69. Past the limit now, but oh so close. Can we make it with only one more buying of milk????


Karin said...

I say Yes! You can do it! (But, will your family be willing to?:)

Karin said...

So, Adri, how'd it all come together at the end of January?